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Health Insurance                                                                       

It is important you speak the Insurance Company before your FIRST appointment and obtain authorisation for treatment. You may need to quote the qualifications of the Podiatrist you are seeing at The Gait Lab, these are detailed in the Podiatrist Profile section under the name of each Podiatrist.


Some Health Insurance companies cover Podiatry Treatment however very few of

them cover the costs of Orthotics and therefore only cover the consultation fees.

Please note that some insurance companies will only pay for an initial consultation

and not follow up appointments.


Often a referral is required to claim back the consultation fees. The referral may

have to be made by your GP, Physiotherapist or sometimes a Consultant Doctor.

Your health insurance company will be able to let you know what type of referral is

required to claim back the consultation fees and will recommend a Consultant to

make the referral if necessary. If you have any problems with this please contact

The Gait Lab on 0330 678 1155.


Health Plans

Health insurance companies we deal with but are not limited to are listed below


  • BUPA Healthcare

  • BUPA International

  • Cigna Healthcare

  • Cigna International

  • WPA

  • Healthcare RM

  • First Assist

  • Aviva

  • Pru Health

  • Allianz

Please note you are unable to claim from AXA PPP for non surgical biomechanical podiatry

Questions about your bill

Healthcare Provider

​We will invoice healthcare providers for consultations if this has been approved and an authorisation number provided prior to the appointment.


Please contact your health insurance company prior to your appointment and request authorisation for a Podiatry Consultation with Gait Analysis.

Non payment from Healthcare Companies

Should healthcare companied decline payment due to policy excess etc, patients will be contacted and payment will be expected within 15 days of this contact.​

​Payment on the day of the consultation

Self funded patients will be required to settle their consultation costs on the day by cheque, cash or card.

Payment for Insoles/Orthotics?

​Payment for insoles/orthotics will be required at the fitting consultation or prior to collection/delivery.

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