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How to Trim Orthotics
Insoles / Orthotics

Insoles and Orthotics are foot supports that are put in the shoes to help improve foot function and therefore try to relieve symptoms. There are wide ranges of Insoles and Orthotics that are available ranging from over the counter Insoles to custom-made Orthotics. Temporary Orthotics are sometimes prescribed which can be made up within a day. The type of insole that you may need depends on the nature of the problem and what is required to resolve the problem.

Custom Made Orthotics can be made for all different types of footwear from Orthotics that are specifically for Running Shoes to ones that fit in ladies high heel shoes. Orthotics can be made from different materials ranging from rigid carbon fibre to flexible cushioning materials. Sometimes the same Orthotic can be used both for sports shoes and everyday footwear. The design of the Custom Made Orthotic suggested will be discussed in your consultation.

In order for custom made Orthotics to be manufactured; a plaster of Paris impression (a Cast) of the feet needs to be taken. The Casts are then sent off to an Orthotics Laboratory and the devices are made according to a prescription made by the Podiatrist. Casting can be done in the initial consultation if required. Sometimes one or more adjustments need to be made to the Orthotics to improve their efficacy, improve their comfort or improve fit.

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