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Patient Testimonials


My new orthotics are great, so much better than my previous ones I got somewhere else!



I am wearing the incredible orthotics Sophie has made for me, which have changed my life hugely I cannot put it into words how happy I am so again thanks a million to you



Oh my goodness, these braces are fantastic and life changing! 

They took a bit of getting used to, my leg muscles complained a bit the first few days, and my right ankle bone seems to have pressure on it a bit, but they are great. I feel as if I am being held up from below by two giant hands. 

Walking barefoot is very painful. It feels as if the bones are bare with no padding. It's amazing what difference the braces make. Almost unbelievable. I have been able to go for short 10-15 minute dog walks which had become impossible before. You got me back on my feet Sophie - thank you!


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