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Orthotic Breaking In and Trimming Instructions


It is essential you break your Orthotics in slowly by wearing them for an hour each day increasing, i.e. 1 hour the first day, 2 hours the next day etc.  If they are still not comfortable after wearing them for a few hours then start the process again but start by wearing them for 30 mins increasing.  If you are going to use them for sports activities, do not wear them during sport until your have worn them for about a week of walking around in them for a few hours each day. Please contact us if you are having any problems with the orthotics.


If your Orthotics are full length/extend to the toes, you will most likely have to take out the insole which comes with the shoe and replace it with the Orthotic, especially if you are going to wear them in trainers. If your Orthotics comes to just behind the toes you can place the Orthotic on top of the insole in the shoe.


If you have a full length Orthotic you may have to trim the top cover on the Orthotic to fit them in your shoes. You can do this by putting the insole which comes with the shoe on top of the Orthotic then draw round it as a template and then trim the Orthotic just inside the line. If any of your shoes have a removable insole then you can also do the same. You basically trim your orthotic to your smallest shoe (with a removable insole).  If your orthotics are half/length or extend to the ball of the foot you will not need to trim them but just place them in the shoe. The pictures demonstrate the process.             


Don’t worry if you accidentally over-trim the orthotics, we can always redo the top cover for you under warranty!


If you are experiencing any problems with the orthotics or if after wearing them for 3 weeks they are still uncomfortable then please contact us on 0330 678 1155 or e-mail


We will need to review you with your orthotics at some stage. Follow up should have been discussed with your podiatrist – if not please contact us so we can put a plan in place.


Please note orthotics usually last between 3-5 years and they are usually reviewed every 2-3 years.


You can also follow the instructions on this you tube video -

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