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New Patient Assessment

The New Patient Assessment is the initial appointment where a detailed history is taken, a biomechanical assessment and video gait analysis conducted then a diagnosis of the presenting problem is made.

The detailed history involves asking questions to identify the problem and possible causes for the injury. A biomechanical assessment involves looking at the structure and function of the feet and legs by assessing the range of motion and alignment of joints in the lower limbs as well as assessing muscle strength and flexibility.

The information gained from the biomechanical assessment often reveals the causes of biomechanical deformities. A video is then taken during barefoot walking and played back frame by frame to assess the dynamic function of the feet and legs. A video may then be taken during running in Trainers either on a treadmill or a walkway to further help identify the problem.

The diagnosis and treatment plan are then discussed in the consultation and then the treatment plan implemented. The treatment plan may involve Orthotics (Insoles), temporary padding, footwear advice, exercises, diagnostic imaging, training advice, or appropriate onward referral.



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New Patient Assessment
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Patients Comments

A.S. 06/10/08
The half-marathon was yesterday and I managed to complete the whole thing in two hours 22 (mostly running, some walking) without serious discomfort. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it at all without the insoles so I just wanted to thank you.