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Health Insurance

Some Health Insurance companies do cover Podiatry Treatment however very few of them cover the costs of Orthotics and therefore only cover the consultation fees. They will however cover the consultation fees if Orthotics are to be made but they will not cover the cost of the Orthotic devices themselves. When speaking to your Health Insurance Company please request authorisation for a “Podiatry Appointment” NOT “Orthotics”. This will avoid any confusion. Please note that some insurance companies will only pay for an initial consultation and not follow up appointments.

Often a referral is required to claim back the consultation fees. The referral may have to be made by your GP, Physiotherapist or sometimes a Consultant Doctor. Your health insurance company will be able to let you know what type of referral is required to claim back the consultation fees and will recommend a Consultant to make the referral if necessary. If you have any problems with this please contact The Gait Lab on 0870 609 3612. It is important you speak the Insurance Company before your FIRST appointment and obtain authorisation for treatment. You may need to quote the qualifications of the Podiatrist you are seeing at The Gait Lab, these are detailed in the Podiatrist Profile section under the name of each Podiatrist.

Should you have the appropriate documentation and authorisation, invoices can be forwarded directly to the medical insurance company.

If you have no insurance, fees will be required to be paid on the day.

Please check with the Insurance Company prior to making an appointment.


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